Self-monitoring system

Error Detection

Error Recovery

Error Reporting


Video Quality

MPEG analysis

Audio levels

Fully Redundant

Distributed headends

Nationwide redundancy

Channel out recovery


Customers demand very high reliability when it comes to watching television. Operators understand that they can lose customers when the TV quality is less than optimal. Secure TV has developed an extensive line of system video and audio monitoring software that includes error detection, error recovery, and error reporting. The audio and video is inspected along with deep analysis of the MPEG video to detect video issues such as black frames, stuck frames, no video, low framerate and other issues. When an issue is detected the system automatically restarts the component with problems and reports the error.

The Secure TV Complete OTT/IPTV system works in a fully redundant mode and includes distributed headend support at different locations, 1 to N, or 1 to 1 redundancy