And we mean Complete System

iOS/Android/Android TV

User Authentication

Flexible subscriber billing options

Subscriber Management

Transcoding for IPTV/OTT/DVB

Live/VOD/Catchup TV services

DRM & CAS Video Security

High Capacity Streaming

Great looking apps

24/7 Reliability

Error Analysis & email reporting

Fully redundant option

Extensive system logging

On-premise or cloud or both

Advertiser specific portals

Distributed headends

Regional cloud managed headends

A Complete System with proven scalability

A summary of the scale of the Secure IPTV/OTT TV System includes the following:

  • Live TV high-quality transcoding for 150 OTT channels with four output video profile
  • Live TV high-quality transcoding for 200 IPTV channels
  • 80 Gigabits of OTT live-TV streaming expandable to 100’s of gigabits of live streaming
  • 72 Terabytes of VOD including VOD Content Management, streaming, security
  • Subscriber Management System supporting LCOs, 100’s of Packages and many other features
  • Central cloud management of multiple headends throughout the country
  • Cloud managed Edge Caches to eliminate need for expense CDN
  • Hybrid IPTV combining multicast and unicast delivery when multicast is not supported
  • Regional TV channels inserted locally and added to primary channel lineup
  • Scalable catchup-TV storing 100s of hours of content for 100s of channels
  • Extensive Targeted advertising includes genre-targeting, geo-target, device targets, etc.
  • Broadcaster reports meeting broadcaster and governmental reporting
  • Hollywood approved CAS and DRM security
  • iOS and Android OTT apps, Android TV and STB apps
  • Secure real-time video transportation to multiple headend locations
  • Highly integrated solution saves on monthly electricity bill and space requirements
  • Redundant system deployment with complete failover support
  • 24/7 reliability with extensive real-time system and channel monitoring
  • Linux based runs on hardware from Supermicro, IBM, Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc.
  • Secure TV provides all of the above and more

Contact Secure TV for a whitepaper on the massive scale provided by the OTT/IPTV system